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Benefit Trust Fund

Please be informed that June 30 is the last day of the CCTA Trust Fund fiscal year.  Any enrolled dependent who is under age 26 and is graduating from college before June 30 will no longer be covered by the benefit trust fund after June 30.  Please plan accordingly.

~ Dental and Vision COBRA Rates ~

Self Funded Dental (monthly premium)

                             Single Dental          Family Dental
COBRA Fee                   0.73                        1.70
Admin. Fee                   2.71                        2.71
PPO Fees                      1.28                        1.28
Claim Cost                  32.64                      81.18
**Total                     37.36                      86.87

Fully Insured Vision (monthly premium)
                              Single Vision           Family Vision
COBRA Rates                6.39                       14.70
Carrier Billing Rate        6.26                       14.41
Carrier Net Rate            5.56                       11.62
*Totals                      18.21                      40.73

Davis Vision Network

Under our current plan, our members are free to utilize the services of any vision care provider of their choosing. This will continue under our new program. However, the new plan will also provide for enhanced benefits when a member uses a provider that is a part of the Davis Vision network.

Please use the new Davis Vision reimbursement claim form, that can be found on the Printable Materials page of this website, when using "out of network" vision services.

To view the Solstice/Davis Vision Plan Benefits Summary click here.

To locate a Davis Vision provider you have two options.  The easiest and most direct way is to use the "Locate A Provider" menu at then "Select a Product" and "Select a Plan".  You may also go directly to the Davis Vision website which will then transfer you to the Solstice website.  *Please note that you will be required to register with your Davis Vision Card ID# if you choose to use the Davis website to locate a vision provider.


Mary MacLeod - Chairperson
Michael Flannery - Treasurer/Membership Enrollment
Carol Muth
Michele Powell
John Taylor

*Contact Mary or Mike regarding any questions or concerns that you have about our dental or vision plan.

Initial Enrollment Process

New hires, or current Cornwall School District employees enrolling for the first time, must obtain and complete an enrollment form provided by the CCTA Benefit Trust Fund treasurer.

The completed form must be returned to the benefit trust fund treasurer as soon as possible as it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the enrollment process with Fitzharris & Co., Inc.

Eligible dependents may be added to the enrollment form as needed.

There are no costs associated with enrolling in the CCTA Benefit Trust Fund dental/vision plan.

Changes to Enrollment

If a benefit trust fund member needs to make changes in dental or vision coverage, the member must contact the CCTA Benefit Trust Fund treasurer and complete an enrollment change form.

Enrollment change forms must be completed for:
- change of marital status
- birth of a dependent
- maternity leave

*Note: It is essential that members contact the benefit trust fund treasurer regarding any new enrollments and/or changes as soon as possible to prevent delays in receiving claims reimbursements.


Members who are retiring are eligible to continue dental and vision coverage on a self-pay basis. Coverage under retirement will continue until the plan ceases or you fail to make the required payments. If coverage lapses due to failure to make timely payments, there will be no reinstatement. Retiree coverage is not automatic. You must complete an election form and return it to the benefit trust fund treasurer. Individuals who are retiring must notify the benefit trust fund treasurer three months prior to retirement.  All forms must be completed and returned by the last day of employment.


A member may continue dental and vision coverage under COBRA when the member resigns from the district.  Please contact the benefit trust fund treasurer for the necessary forms.

Dental and Vision Claim Forms

Vision and dental claim forms and domestic partnership forms are available online.  Click on the Printable Materials tab on this page to download or print the form(s) that you need.  Also available online are the Group Benefits Booklet and the Schedule of Benefits for CCTA Benefit Trust members. (Adobe Reader is needed to open these PDF files.)

Health Care Questions and Concerns?

Please click on the link below and visit the Health Advocate website for the most recent newsletter and help for resolving a wide range of healthcare and insurance related issues.  Health Advocate Website

Family and Medical Leave Act

Click on the following link for information and/or answers to important questions about the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  FMLA Information